Monday, April 19, 2010

Healh Problems In Modern World

With the invention of science and technology the people are now having very luxury homes to live , cars to drive , TV to entertainment  and Internet to get all the information but with the we have now very health problems, In America people often come with new -new problems but in India there are only few problem, this is because of the ,here people are now not very modern , we need to now think upon the this big problem ,we need to make the society in which we can live happily with no loss of health and fitness and we will get all the medicines like that we not harm to us , we have very good thing in India it is Ayurveda but the Indians need to discover the new medicines which will make us happy.
In India the  ayurveda is the best technology for the health problems here the every solutions is without any side effect , these medicines  helps with a big amount of time but they really make the problems to go from the root and we will be happy in our whole life ,this is the spiritual thinking of our great country India